SEGA Co., Ltd.


Application Guideline Details

Mobile Titles Game Operation Designer

Job Description

This position is responsible for tasks involving the operational design of mobile game apps.

・ Event Design
Writing information for rewards and setting difficulties
・ Designing merchandise
Determining item prices, gacha drop rates, etc.
・ KPI Analysis
Analysis of game status based on various KPIs
・ Event Policy Planning
Planning new and essential policies for operation
・ Proposing App Improvements
Identifying problems and issues with apps, and proposing improvements

Application Requirements

・ Experience with mobile game or online game operation (minimum 1 year) ・ Experience as a game designer ・ Experience with event design
(Designing event rewards, setting difficulties, etc. based on how users think)
・ In-game purchase design experience
(Determining gacha drop rates, designing merchandise, setting product prices, etc.)
・ Analysis experience
(KPI analysis, index analysis by title)

Preferred Background

・ Project management skills ・ Experience leading projects and title operation ・ Experience working on mobile games from the start of development until release

Employment Type

Permanent Full-Time Employee

*Depending on skills and experience, contract employee status may also be considered.