SEGA Co., Ltd.


Application Guideline Details

Mobile Titles Game Development Designer

Job Description

Working in collaboration with the development director, this role is responsible for planning development and operations.

Developing new mobile titles and planning operations for existing titles ・ Plan proposal ・ Designing games and creating specifications ・ Setting parameters and performing balance adjustments ・ Work related to story text and scenarios alongside other creative tasks

Application Requirements

・ Minimum 3 years game development experience ・ Experience designing games and creating specifications ・ Experience developing and operating games or having extensive knowledge of games oriented towards female players

Preferred Background

・ Experience in roles such as lead game designer or part leader ・ Skills and experience with policy and event design ・ Practical experience designing stories and related contents for romance media oriented towards female users (non-game media is also acceptable)

Employment Type

Permanent Full-Time Employee

*Depending on skills and experience, contract employee status may also be considered.