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Application Guideline Details

PC Online Background Artist *'Phantasy Star' Series

Job Description

This position is responsible for the following duties, which a focus on background art for use throughout the 'Phantasy Star' series.

■ Creating background and object models ■ Lighting design ■ Non-graphical background-related work, such as collision effects ■ Background resource management, outsourcing management, schedule management

About the 'Phantasy Star' Series
In 1987, 'Phantasy Star' debuted as SEGA's first ever original RPG.
Since then, a number of sequels have been published, leading to the 2000 release of 'Phantasy Star Online,' the first online RPG in 3D for home game consoles.
In 2012, the 'Phantasy Star Online 2' service launched, and the latest title in the series, 'Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis', is slated to commence service in 2021.

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Application Requirements

■ Experience developing games for Xbox 360, PS3, higher spec consumer consoles or similar spec PCs ■ Minimum 3 years experience with background and object model creation using Maya ■ Minimum 3 years experience with Photoshop and Excel ■ Minimum 3 years experience with normal map creation

Ideal Candidate

・ A regular gamer who is very familiar with overseas games, online games and home console RPGs who also enthusiastically analyzes games while playing. ・ Also, a strong team player who easily forms trusting relationships with their team members ・ Bright and cheerful personality with excellent communication skills ・ In good health, responsible ・ A positive thinker

Preferred Background

■ Experience with management duties (outsourcing or team member management) ■ Experience using Substance Designer ■ Experience using Houdini ■ Experience using Perforce, Subversion or other version management software

Employment Type

Permanent Full-Time Employee

*Depending on skills and experience, contract employee status may also be considered.