SEGA Co., Ltd.


Application Guideline Details

Mobile Titles Technical Artist

Job Description

This position is responsible for supporting new expression development, optimizing the production environment and improving workflow.

・ Support the development of new expressions (focusing on developing shaders and proposed expressions with Unity) ・ Optimizing the design production environment, improving workflow (focusing on developing tools with Maya and UnityEditor)

Application Requirements

・ Work experience in the areas above for game and CG video production ・ Expertise with 3D CG tools such as Maya and Softimage

Portfolio submission required.

Preferred Background

・ Experience creating tools for Unity ・ Experience developing tools for Maya ・ Experience developing rigging tools ・ Experience developing shaders ・ Experience developing tools with C#

Employment Type

Permanent Full-Time Employee

*Depending on skills and experience, contract employee status may also be considered.。