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Application Guideline Details

PC Online Game Programmer (Client-Side) *'Phantasy Star' Series

Job Description

This position is responsible for general client-side programming tasks for online games.
This position will primarily focus on online games such as the 'Phantasy Star' Series

■ Client application programming for 'Phantasy Star Online 2' ■ Client design and development ■ Development of tools necessary for administration and operation

About the 'Phantasy Star' Series
In 1987, 'Phantasy Star' debuted as SEGA's first ever original RPG.
Since then, a number of sequels have been published, leading to the 2000 release of 'Phantasy Star Online,' the first online RPG in 3D for home game consoles.
In 2012, the 'Phantasy Star Online 2' service launched, and the latest title in the series, 'Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis', is slated to commence service in 2021.

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Application Requirements

■ Experience developing programs in C++ for commercial 3D games (home console, PC, smartphone, arcade)

Preferred Background

■ Experience developing 3D action games ■ Experience developing online games ■ Experience developing programs in C# ■ Experience using STL and Boost

Employment Type

Permanent Full-Time Employee

*Depending on skills and experience, contract employee status may also be considered.。