Mid-career Recruitment Information

Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating

At SEGA, we turn innovative ideas into cutting-edge products and services.
Bringing joy to our customers around the globe is what matters to us most. We place our customers at the core of the SEGA Group, and strive to deliver you experiences you won't forget.

When was the last time you felt spellbound?
Were you playing a game or watching a movie? Or perhaps it was a trip to a theme park. Do you remember how that felt? Was it joy, excitement, or maybe even surprise? These are the captivating moments we experience in our everyday lives.

This is the origin of our mantra, Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating, which fuels our endeavors. As game changers, we aim to create thrilling moments and inspire change as we deliver new experiences to audiences worldwide.


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■ Technical Artist

Closing the divide between departments
and optimizing project performance

One of my key responsibilities involves supervising the technical artists (TA), who play a crucial role in bridging the gap between our artists and programmers, building game development tools and production pipelines. Their impact of their work extends beyond individual projects, as the tools and resources they create have the potential to significantly enhance the productivity of multiple projects. Take the process of creating assets on a game engine, for example. TAs build tools that can simplify the asset creation process, allowing artists and programmers to work more efficiently. I myself have had many chances to create tools or artwork to meet our needs.


■ Programmer

From mobile games
to console games

My job involves developing "Sonic" titles. I've been responsible for creating enemy and object behavior as well as resource embedding for models and effects.
I'm currently working on "Sonic Frontiers". As a client programmer, I add content directly into the game, oversee tasks for my team, and act as a liaison for other teams.