Group Recreation Center

SEGA SAMMY Group operates recreation facilities located in Izu Kogen (Kanagawa Prefecture) and Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture) for the purpose of contributing to and promoting better health, education, and meetings of SEGA SAMMY Group executives, employees, and their families.
Compared to standard accommodations, these facilities are available to employees at more affordable prices.

Fukuri Kosei Club

Fukuri Kosei Club is an outsourced employee benefits service operated by Relo Club, Limited.
Employees can receive a special membership rate on lodgings, leisure activities, dining, shopping, and more. Family members are also eligible for the discount, making for the perfect family get-together.

Colorful Point System

SEGA awards its employees with a fixed number of points, which may be used towards shopping, leisure activities, self-development, and more. Many special discounts are also available. Points can be used to pay for services offered by Fukuri Kosei Club, including accommodation and shopping.

Health Support (medical checkups, complete physicals, subsidized influenza vaccination)

SEGA is committed to supporting all facets of employees' health, and as such, has implemented a range of services that ensure their well-being. The following are some examples of services provided by the company.

Medical Checkups Employees receive a medical checkup upon joining SEGA. Subsequent checkups are done once a year.
Complete Physical Health Checkup If employees aged 30 and above choose to undergo any optional tests not included in the routine medical examination, the company covers up to 30,000 yen of the medical fee.
Subsidized Influenza Vaccination Employees who receive their vaccines separately at outside medical institutions are eligible for a partial subsidy.

Employee Stock Owners Association

This benefit program enables employees to purchase company stock at a discount.
Employees can designate a portion of their monthly salary towards purchasing small amounts of company stock, allowing them to strategically build their assets with ease.

Defined Contribution Pension Plan (Optional DC)

This is a voluntary pension system that assists employees in building assets for their future.
Employees can contribute part of their bonus and use the accumulated principal as well as the profit (operating profit, interest) generated by managing premiums themselves for their own retirement funds.