Opportunities for Employees to Grow

Training for New Hires

New hires undergo a month-long training program after they join the company to learn business etiquette and the appropriate skills to flourish as a member of society.
By undergoing training with colleagues from SEGA's group companies, they gain an understanding of the organization as a whole. Before their assignment in May, they'll have gained the fundamentals required to thrive at SEGA.

New Employee Support

We have established a mentorship system, where new employees are able to receive guidance, training, and support from a dedicated coach to help handle various situations, including those outside of work. The first three years of employment are dedicated to supporting their development, with tailored training programs for each year of their duties.

Role-Based Training

Training is provided to employees at each stage of their career, such as newly appointed managers, to ensure they acquire the necessary skills and aptitude for their respective roles.
Understanding concepts outside of their usual responsibilities enables employees to prepare for the next step in their career and objectively review their past work and conduct.


SEGA SAMMY College is an in-house university that provides cross-functional learning opportunities for companies of the SEGA SAMMY Group. Every year, employees can choose from over 140 courses which encompass a wide range business skills and feature esteemed guest speakers who are leading experts in their respective fields. Since the school opened in September 2018, over 30,000 employees from more than 20 SEGA SAMMY Group companies have enrolled in these courses.

E-Learning (Online Education)

We have introduced an e-learning library accessible through internal and external online portals with the aim of providing an environment that motivates all employees to develop their skill sets.
We offer more than 70 different subjects, including basic business skills and foreign languages so that employees can effectively use their commute and holiday time to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Global Personnel Development Program

To promote our global business and diversify our human resources, we offer online English speaking classes tailored to each individual's level, as well as an overseas study support system to nurture employees who will lead the SEGA SAMMY Group in the future.

Engineer Training System

We provide a supportive environment that enables engineers to pursue their interests and expand their expertise in any area of their choosing.
The SEGA Developers Conference (SDC) is a regularly held conference for technical exchange between departments. Attendance is open to all employees, regardless of their occupation, ensuring equal access to the latest technology and information.
Mid-scale study sessions are held once a month, and small-scale study sessions are held weekly at the subcommittee level on various topics.