Social Activities

Group Day

Group Day is held at the corporate headquarters in Osaki and offers a range of captivating experiences designed to introduce our employees' friends and families to the company and leave a lasting impression.
Our goal is to help families gain a better understanding of the SEGA SAMMY Group through fun activities like dining at Journey's Canteen (the company cafeteria), guided office tours, live performances, playing crane games and console games in the demo area for ​​each group company, and letting them test out pachislot machines.

Bar Events

Various events are held at "& Bar" (Endeavor), where employees can enjoy snacks and drinks after work while watching sports on the big screen.
Comyu Katsu events, which are held on a regular basis, aim to celebrate the cultural richness and diversity of different prefectures in Japan. Participants have the chance to form new friendships while engaging in banter about the local area and savoring some of the culinary specialties on offer.
Employees are also welcome to socialize at the dartboards, billiard tables, and baccarat tables available on premises.

SEGA SAMMY Sports Initiative

At SEGA SAMMY, we strive to create one-of-a-kind experiences through "Sports x Entertainment." In addition to managing a baseball team, we have sponsorship contracts with athletes, host the Shigeo Nagashima Invitational Sega Sammy Cup (a men's pro golf tournament held at The North Country Golf Club in Chitose City, Hokkaido), and actively support various other sports activities. In recent years, we have also been involved in managing B.League's Sun Rockers Shibuya, D.League's SEGA SAMMY LUX, and M.League's SEGA SAMMY PHOENIX. Through these efforts, we hope to expand the opportunities available to athletes, contribute to the development of the sports industry, and ultimately foster the growth of a vibrant and healthy society through the influence of sports.

CSR Activities (SEGA SAMMY Forest: Environmental Study Events)

In 2008, SEGA entered into a forest foster care agreement with Minamiaiki Village, Minamisaku District, Nagano Prefecture. SEGA (now SEGA SAMMY as of April 2022) named the approximately 3,633 hectares of privately owned woodland "SEGA SAMMY Forest" and helps maintain its upkeep to preserve the forest's CO2 absorption capabilities.
At SEGA SAMMY Forest, the group holds environmental study events where participants can enjoy experiencing nature in summer and autumn.
In summer, employees and their families can try catching fish by hand or harvesting vegetables. These experiences help them develop a deep appreciation for their natural surroundings and broaden their knowledge of nature, while also fostering meaningful connections with the people of Minamiaiki.
An interactive forest development event takes place in autumn, allowing people to learn the importance of preserving the natural environment through pruning and tree planting.
☆ Larch wood collected in Minamiaiki Village has been certified by the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC), which is the standard for timber used in buildings for the Olympics, and has been used in the cafeteria area and coworking spaces at the office building!

Game Jam

Game Jam is a popular biannual internal event that's been held over 20 times.
It's a fun way for everyone at SEGA to try their hand at developing a game. Participants form teams and are challenged to create a game within a set time frame.
All employees, regardless of their position or tenure at the company, are welcome to test their skills in building a functioning game in two days.

Subsidy System for Employee Activities

Through this system, the company provides partial subsidies for employee-planned events aimed at promoting communication between employees.
Every employee has the opportunity to organize an event, provided they meet certain criteria, such as being open to all employees and promoting communication among participants throughout the activities.
By participating in game events, concerts, fishing, or barbecue outings, employees can connect with colleagues they may not typically interact with.

Club Activities

The company approves of club activities created to develop meaningful friendships and a sense of unity among employees.
Activities range from indoor activities such as shogi and board games to more physical activities like windsurfing and Shorinji Kempo (a Japanese martial art).