Frequently Asked Questions

About Applying

If I have prior work experience, is it still possible to apply under new graduate recruitment?

In some cases, applicants with prior work experience may also be eligible to apply under new graduate recruitment, depending on age, career history, employment pattern and other factors. We will be pleased to discuss on a case-by-case basis. Please note that, in principle, those seeking to be employed by multiple companies are not eligible.

Are position types limited by field of study (humanities / sciences)?

We do not use educational background or field of study as a particular screening basis.
Through the screening process, we will confirm the unique skills, abilities and potential of each applicant.

I'm not very familiar with video games. Is it still possible for me to apply?

Deep knowledge related to video games is a definite advantage, but an applicant's amount of experience outside video games and breadth of knowledge are also important considerations.
If you feel that your unique qualities have a place at SEGA, we welcome your application.

Is it possible for me to apply for multiple position types (i.e. both 'Game Designer' and 'Regular Position')?

It is not possible to register for multiple position types. Please select the position which most interests you.

How can I apply for the each company in SEGA Group?

Applications are handled separately by each company. Please visit this page and register with each company.

Is it possible for international students to apply?

We welcome applications from students of any nationality, including international students studying in Japan, and Japanese students studying overseas alike. Students graduating between April 2020 and March 2022 may apply.

How are placements decided?

We will consider your interests and aptitude and place you with the department that we believe will offer you the most opportunities to work to your full potential. Furthermore, applicants will usually be notified in writing before joining the company.

Would it be possible to receive company information by mail?

All information for new graduate recruitment is available on this website.
We ask for your kind understanding that we do not provide materials such as company information by mail.

Would it be possible to visit SEGA?

We are sorry, but we do not accept company visits. Thank you for your kind understanding.
Instead, we have included full information for prospective applicants on this website, such as company information, job descriptions and interviews with current SEGA employees. We hope that this information is helpful in your consideration.

Is possible for me to introduce myself to SEGA employees who are alumni of my school?

We are sorry, but we do not arrange alumni introductions.
Subject to their individual consent, please feel free to contact alumni of your school directly.

What should I do if I need to change the information on my application?

You may change information, such as e-mail address, telephone number, or address, by logging into 'My Page.'

About Selection

How do I arrange to attend a company information session?

After applying, information will be provided via 'My Page' as it becomes available. First, please click the Apply button and complete your application.

What sort of clothing should I wear when attending the selection process?

No set dress code.

How many interviews are involved?

The format and number of interviews depends on position type, but we generally plan for two interviews.

Where will interviews be held?

A. We are currently conducting interviews online, so you can participate from your home or school.
Please note that you may be asked to come to the Tokyo Head Office depending on the situation.

Other Questions

I plan to live on my own. Are there dormitories or employee residences available?

We regret to inform that no dormitories or employee residences are available.
However, we do offer a rent subsidy allowance for employees who reside in a rental property registered in their own name.
In addition to the above, we also offer a special rent subsidy allowance for new graduates during their first three years of employment.

I live in another area. Is there any support for relocation?

If you use a group company moving service, we will pay moving fees within a designated distance. We can also introduce real estate companies, and if you use such real estate companies, we will pay intermediary commissions. (Payment amount limits apply.)

Are there systems in place to support families with children and newborns?

We offer maternity leave, childcare leave and reduced working hour systems.
An employee-only day care is available at SEGA's Tokyo Head Office.
Furthermore, we have established a consultation desk and venues for information exchange to address childcare-related concerns.

Are there job rotations, transfers to other group companies or the like?

In some cases, upon consideration of employee goals and aptitude, we carry out job rotations to promote individual medium to long-term career development. Furthermore, if employees wish, there are opportunities to increase the scope of activity to other group companies.

How did COVID-19 changed the work style at SEGA?

We offer a hybrid work style of coming to the office and working from home depending on the type of work and the projects you are involved in. In particular, for game development positions, we have sent home the workstations and created an environment where game development can be done remotely and comfortably.
Some development staff do come to the office when necessary, but many of them continue to work from home by improving their work, increasing efficiency, and devising ways to hold meetings.
The company has also taken measures to prevent infection by encouraging staggered work schedules, distributing masks, and maintaining social distance in the cafeteria and meeting rooms.
For any other questions:
Please feel free to contact the SEGA Group New Graduate Recruitment Team ( )