Last updated: January 31, 2024.

In line with our Group Values of "Creation is Life x Always Proactive, Always Pioneering" and Group Mission of "Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating", SEGA CORPORATION aims to become a "Game Changer" in the industry and meet the expectations of its stakeholders by continuing to provide inspirational experiences that exceed customers' expectations.

Against this backdrop, our company always receives warm encouragement from our customers. We also receive honest feedback on our products and services, which we gratefully refer to on a daily basis.

However, following some recent harassment-related incidents towards our employees (“Customer Harassment”), we would like to take the following measures to ensure that our company employees and representatives (“Our Employees”) can carry out their duties with peace of mind.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

■About Customer Harassment

Harassment is a human rights issue that undermines the dignity of employees and leads to a deteriorating work environment. Our company will never tolerate harassment and has set the following guidelines to respect all employees and protect their human rights.

If our company determines that there has been an action against Our Employees that exceeds the socially accepted norm, we may refuse to carry out or suspend transactions, provision of customer service, or any/all other services. Furthermore, if our company deems such an action to be malicious, we will contact our legal counsel, the police, and those involved in the action as necessary, and take appropriate measures including legal and criminal proceedings.

Examples of actions that our company considers to be beyond the realm of social norms include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • ・Acts of violence or physical aggression
  • ・Threats, intimidation, other coercive or violent speech and behavior
  • ・Insults, defamation of character or other abusive language
  • ・Defamatory words or actions, or those that damage economic credibility
  • ・Speech and behavior of a discriminatory or sexual nature
  • ・Conduct that violates the privacy of Our Employees
  • ・Requests for the provision of services that go beyond conventional wisdom, such as requests for support beyond the scope of warranty, or requests that are unrelated to our goods and services
  • ・Demands for an apology from our company without reasonable grounds, requests for compensation such as money, and requests for punishment of Our Employees
  • ・Excessive obstruction of duties or reprimand through excessive repetition of requests or complaints
  • ・Acts of harassment, extortion, persistent aggression, stalking or ambushing that may cause Our Employees or others emotional distress, fear, etc.
  • ・Acts that cause severe emotional distress to or impose a burden on one of Our Employees by repeatedly using words or behaviors that suggest self-harm of any kind
  • ・Words or actions that encourage or suggest self-harm of any kind by Our Employees or a third party
  • ・Any other act that which, from the viewpoint of protecting Our Employees from harm or distress, causes severe emotional distress, fear, or any other act that we consider to cause an unacceptable level of harm
  • ・Online libel and slander on social media or elsewhere, dissemination and spread of false information about our company or third parties
  • ・One-sided and excessive communication directed at our company's official social media channels
  • ・Photographing, video or audio recording of Our Employees without their permission. In addition, the act of using or disseminating images, videos or audio that contain the Employee’s face or likeness in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable
  • ・Other acts judged by our company to be highly malicious from the perspective of protecting Our Employees

With your cooperation and support, we will work even harder to create products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.