President and COO,
Representative Director

Shuji Utsumi

Lore and Innovation: Building a Globally Shining and Respected SEGA Brand

Throughout its more than 60-year history, SEGA has consistently challenged itself and created innovative entertainment content that reflect the spirit of their time. Our unending endeavor has captivated and resonated with people worldwide, establishing SEGA’s beloved brand. As distribution technology rapidly evolves, SEGA's appealing intellectual property (IP) continues to expand its global reach.

I firmly believe that SEGA is a "Treasure Island" filled with unique and beloved IP. People from all over the world have been drawn to SEGA‘s games and characters that thrilled them in their childhood, creating lasting memories associated with us. We are one of the few entertainment companies that possess such valuable assets. In the future, SEGA aims to broaden its treasures beyond games to new fields, including animation, live-action films, and merchandising, and push boundaries of the games. Our focus is on creating "Transmedia Experiences” that connect fans across regions and generations, and we promise to surprise the world through the Super Game project that embodies SEGA's spirit of endlessly challenging ourselves.

Furthermore, we keep ourselves committed to sustainability and providing entertainment content that can be enjoyed by customers, regardless of region, gender, or age. We strive to promote the responsible product and service creation, contributing to the advancement of an affluent society and diversified culture. Our efforts align with the SEGA SAMMY Group's Sustainability Vision, as we work towards enhancing SEGA’s corporate value in a sustainable manner.

The video game industry, once considered a sideline, has now become the dynamic center of the global entertainment landscape, evolving with astonishing speed. We will continue to deliver the best entertainment experiences to people worldwide, cherishing SEGA's rich collection of IP, the creative power of our content that blends tradition and innovation, and above all, our unwavering spirit to embrace new challenges.