~60 Years Since Establishment - Towards a New Stage of Growth~

The SEGA Corporation entered its 60th year of operation in June 2020 as the world battled against the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking back upon our long, 60-year history, we were faced with both the good and the bad, and it is no different today as we face this situation together. We thank you all for your continued support.

The COVID-19 pandemic came to swiftly and simultaneously impact everyone and everything around the world, including the gaming industry, which resulted in Digital Transformation (DX) progressing at a breakneck pace. Game content up until now entailed consoles, PC, smartphones, arcades and other related devices that came to be familiar sights in Asia, Europe and the Americas, but as 5G and cloud technologies matured, the world became an even more tight-knit and intertwined place as what our clients consume and experience underwent major changes. Players, streamers, viewers, content creators and all those involved will invariably see their own worlds go through an evolution phase as well. These structural changes (i.e. megatrends) generally develop and progress over the course of months and years, but the speed at which the pandemic spread globally also acted as an unexpected accelerant that encouraged DX development. The gaming industry and related forms of entertainment in particular came to be the most affected by these changes. Naturally, SEGA saw this as a chance to make major changes with respect to our 60-year history, and we've decided to take it upon ourselves to "make that change" happen as we strive for even greater growth in the future.

SEGA, throughout its long history of creating and innovating, has brought to you countless ways to have modernized "fun" in an ever-changing world. On a myriad of devices, we took countless different perspectives as to what it means to "have fun" and turned this ability to do so into one of our greatest strengths over the course of our company's long history. We've made it our mission to take advantage of this knowledge as we continue to reach out to new customers and envision what they wish to experience.

Our new slogan as we enter our 60th year of operation is, "GO SEGA". We're challenging ourselves to creating new and innovative products, as well as new and exciting experiences, as we move forward into the future.