Last updated: April 26, 2021.

Thank you for always choosing our gaming products.

As our fan base continues to grow and we aim to have more consumers enjoy our products, we'd like to make note of some guidelines regarding the usage of videos (hereinafter referred to as "gameplay videos") depicting any of our titles.

Please be sure to follow the provisions listed below when creating, uploading or streaming gameplay videos depicting any SEGA products:

These guidelines operate on the assumption that our customers are lawfully and appropriately consuming SEGA's products, and only encompass SEGA's intellectual property and related rights. If the intellectual property of a separate third part is included in any videos that are created, it will become necessary to obtain usage authorization from said party. We will not be handling any rights holder inquiries or disputes.

Each of our products also have their own guidelines concerning gameplay videos, copyrights and such as well, and will take priority over the policies listed here in the event of any applicable conflicts or disputes.

1. Gameplay videos may be created, streamed, uploaded or viewed under the following conditions:
  • (1) When made or consumed for personal use and/or without profit-driven or business-related motives, such as posting to a blog, website or social media site.
  • (2) When posted to video streaming sites or services.

Under the following conditions, these videos will not be permitted for use:

  • ① Committing obscene, violent or immoral acts.
  • ② Bringing disrepute to any of SEGA's brands, products or titles.
  • ③ Committing illegal acts.
  • ④ Any other acts, portrayals or depictions that we may deem as inappropriate.
2. Uploading or streaming videos for profit-driven or business-related purposes is strictly prohibited. The only exception to this case involves a customer being an affiliated partner of services, such as YouTube and Twitch, where monetization functions are available for use. In the event that you meet this criteria, please make sure the service provider in question is also aware of the usage rights and policies listed here.
3. We or the appropriate party will be the sole rights holder for any gameplay videos depicting our products.
4. We are prohibited from using any videos made by our customers as part of any official advertisements.
5. We ask that you please refrain from uploading content that does not include commentary made by you, the customer, including videos of media samplings from various games (video, music, sounds, designs, etc.), as well as content edited together to be depicted alongside products made by other companies. However, in the event the sharing of any gameplay footage is specifically permitted by use of functions found within a given game, videos may be posted to the extent that these functions are intended to allow.
6. Creating, uploading or streaming any content portraying, explaining or promoting cheats, exploits or any other unauthorized practices is strictly prohibited.
7. Editing video content in a manner that violates third-party usage policies or rights for a given product or does not fairly portray a given product's contents is strictly prohibited.
8. Disclosing any information about a product's contents that was improperly obtained prior to its official release date is strictly prohibited. However, this will not apply to cases where we ask such information be released through a separate entity or individual.
9. In addition to the aforementioned provisions, the following are prohibited from appearing as part of any video content:
  • - Obscene, violent or immoral acts.
  • - Saying or promoting language or acts that can be considered racist, prejudiced or discriminatory.
  • - Language or acts that promotes religious, political or illegal affiliations, ideologies, entities, motives, etc.
  • - Slander of any kind.
  • - Copyright and other such violations of third-party usage policies or rights, as well as the portrayal and/or promotion of illegal activities.
  • - Divulging content for a game that is yet to be officially released.
  • - Acts that bring disrepute to any of our brands, products or titles.
  • - Any other acts, portrayals or depictions that we may deem as inappropriate.
10. We ask that you please consider how other customers will handle "spoilers" when handling content centering around event scenes, stories and such, while making sure that others are given ample notice and are able to make an informed decisions prior to consuming any such content.
11. We ask that you please review the policies concerning each specific products as listed on their own websites in order to make yourself aware of various rule and policy discrepancies that may exist.
12. In the event that a gameplay video becomes involved in a dispute with another customer, responsibility will fall to you, the maker of the video, to resolve the dispute. We will not be claiming any responsibility concerning these matters.
13. In general, as long as the guidelines listed here are being followed, we will neither handle any disputes concerning copyright infringement nor request the removal of any content. However, in cases where SEGA sees it fit to do so (including content removal requests by SEGA), we will demand any such gameplay content be removed and will expect all parties involved to proceed in accordance with any such demands. In addition, we ask that you please be aware that in cases where we've determined that copyright infringement has been committed, we will demand the appropriate compensation for any damages suffered.
14. We will not be handling requests for usage authorizations for individuals regardless of whether or not the guidelines listed here are being properly followed. This includes but is not limited to individuals belonging to talent agencies, production agencies or those creating or streaming videos while under contract with a specific agency. We ask those that wish to contact SEGA to explore any business opportunities regarding this matter.
15. The guidelines and policies listed here do not apply outside of Japan.
16. We will prohibit those that violate any of the following conditions from making use of any content involving SEGA products. If we determine that a customer has or is suspected of having violated any of these conditions, we will demand that any such content related to this customer be blocked from being further viewed and/or removed entirely with the expectation that all parties involved proceed in accordance with any such demands.
  • ① Members of or associates with ties to criminal enterprises, organizations, groups, extortionists, groups suspected of fraud, groups specialized in unlawful endeavors or any other related individuals or entities (hereinafter referred to as "criminal entities").
  • ② Those who have hired, employed or have been involved with any criminal entities.
  • ③ Those sharing earnings with any criminal entities.
  • ④ Those who we suspect of having participated in any illicit acts and consider unsafe to provide authorization.
  • ⑤ Those who have violated any of the guidelines listed here and/or committed any acts that thus far have been prohibited.
17. These guidelines are updated as needed. We ask that you please make sure to stay up to date on our policies concerning creating, uploading and streaming gameplay videos.