Our Corporate Identity.
We call it "Amazing Sega".
We strive to be a company that continues to
"Always Making Moving Experiences".

It's said that our eyes are the first to react to
new experiences.

This corporate identity (CI) even taught us to
focus on something we all possess.
What happens when something leaves an impression on us?
We react with our eyes.

In order to track how our eyes react,
we developed a special device that users
can wear as they play a game made by SEGA.

Surprises, excitement and the impact our users feel
can be tracked by their eye movements,
recorded as data, and translated into how sounds and
visuals leave an impression on someone.

Striving for World Firsts

Based on this eye-tracking data,
what "Amazing" means can be quantified.
We can take approaches that were never before considered
and make it a part of our identity.

SEGA's New Corporate Identity

New experiences and novel surprises.

With this CI in mind,
we aim to provide our valued users with
new experiences and novel surprises.