YEAR 2021

SEGA’s subsidiary, Relic Entertainment, Inc. named one of Canada’s ‘Best Places to Work’


SEGA’s subsidiary, Relic Entertainment, Inc. named one of Canada’s ‘Best Places to Work’

SEGA CORPORATION’s subsidiary, Relic Entertainment, Inc., has been named one of Canada’s 'Best Places to Work’ by, a British gaming-industry media company, after meeting the various criteria set by the judges.

Alongside being titled as one of Canada’s ‘Best Places to Work’, the COO of Relic Entertainment, Inc., Heidi Eaves, was also selected for a special award, winning the title of 'Canada’s Best Boss'. This was decided upon following numerous submissions and feedback from staff, who praised Ms. Eaves’ leadership and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To take part, companies offer details concerning the various aspects of their work environment, such as employee pay, holidays, benefits, social activities, and more. These forms are then recorded by the team and make up 25% of a company’s final score. The remaining 75% of the score is based on the results of employee surveys. In this instance, asked company staff to respond to over 50 questions, which covered numerous topics including the quality of one’s working environment, sense of work/life balance, quality of management, level of diversity etc., among other topics.

Winning companies would be selected only if their overall score exceeded the threshold set by the judges. This year, 17 companies, including Relic Entertainment, Inc., were awarded in total.
The ‘Best Places to Work Awards’ are also held in the UK and the U.S.; in the UK, two of SEGA CORPORATION’s subsidiaries, The Creative Assembly Ltd. and Sports Interactive Ltd., also recently won the ‘Best Places to Work Awards 2021 (UK)’ title.

Comment from Heidi Eaves, COO of Relic Entertainment, Inc.

Relic Entertainment, Inc. COO Heidi Eaves

“I’m so grateful to accept the Canada’s Best Boss award, not just on behalf of myself but our whole studio. Relic is full of creative, kind, talented people who solve problems together, build each other up, and do what we can to bring the best out of one another. I’m so grateful have found a home in a studio where I can bring my whole self to work, where I have the opportunity to learn and grow while providing a space for others to do the same.”

About Relic Entertainment, Inc.

Official Studio Name:
Relic Entertainment, Inc.
Vancouver, Canada
Date of Establishment:
May 1997
COO Heidi Eaves
Business Portfolio:
Development of consumer software
Official site:
Relic Entertainment, Inc.
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