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1. About Personal Information

1. Inquiries involving personal information

In general, visitors of this website will never be directly asked to provide any personal information, including names, addresses, etc. Only during the following cases will the situation arise where we may inquire you about your own personal information.

[Sending or distributing surveys and presents]
It may become necessary to provide your personal information (name, address, phone number) for the purposes of distributing any presents or rewards, as well as for any surveys for quality control purposes. Please also be aware that when recipients of these presents or rewards are selected, their names may be included as part of an announcement.

2. Access Histories

Our servers record data pertaining to the access histories of each visitor (what parts are visited when and such; hereinafter referred to as "access histories"). Please be assured that this data will only be recorded for the purposes of making improvements to this website and nothing else.

3. Regarding the Release of any Personal Information

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, SEGA will never release the personal information of any of our visitors to any third parties based on this policy or any terms and conditions listed on this website. Please be aware of the following situations where information may be released.

We've received explicit permission from a visiting customer.
If this information is already public knowledge.
In the event we are legally compelled to divulge such information.
In the event a court or judicial order compels us to divulge such information.
In the event this company or a third party has no other legal recourse as to release this information, including emergency evacuations, cases of self defense, etc.

4. Visitors Under the Age of 16

Visitors under the age of 16 are required to acquire the permission of a legal parent or guardian before providing their personal information.

2. About Copyrights and Other Legal Rights

Copyrights involving the information seen on this website belong to SEGA or third parties responsible for handling such information (hereinafter referred to as information providers).
Without the expressed consent of SEGA, or the applicable holders of these rights, any information obtained through this website may not be duplicated, sold, distributed, published or used elsewhere in any other way, excluding cases of reasonable personal use and purposes of conducting business.

3. Disclaimer

SEGA does not claim responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete information that may be seen on this website, and does not guarantee all of this information will have any utility, be fully correct or complete.
SEGA does not claim any responsibility for attempts by third parties to contact or offer their services to any who visited out website.
In the rare event that SEGA becomes responsible for any damages, only the extent to which SEGA may be considered directly responsible will be considered regardless of whether or not any of these events can be perceived as foreseeable from the perspective of SEGA. Furthermore, SEGA will not consider itself responsible for damages due to extraordinary circumstances, lost profit, indirect losses and any other relevant damages.
Please be aware that this website, as well as the information seen on this website, may become temporarily or permanently inaccessible due to periodic maintenance, system outages, loss of connectivity, weather phenomena, natural disasters and other emergencies, up to and including states of war.
SEGA and any information providers involved will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused directly or indirectly by the information or services seen on this website regardless of the circumstances at hand.

4. About Links

This website is free to link to without restriction. Please be aware that pages may be added and content may be altered, revised, or deleted without prior warning.

5. About Changes

SEGA reserves the right to make changes or alterations to any of the information seen here without prior notice.
Please visit this website regularly in order to make yourself aware of any changes.
By visiting this website, we interpret this act as our visitors agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above, and ask that any visitors refrain from using this website if they cannot agree to these terms and conditions.

6. Contact

We will reply using the following address for any inquiries concerning this website, as well as inquire about any behavior working in counter to any of the above terms and conditions.

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