Junior Employee Interviews

Artist Hashimoto

Hired for my skills outside of gaming

I've always loved drawing, so I attended a high school that specialized in art and later focused on oil painting as my major at university. You see, I'd always thought about working a creative job in the future.
Given that many seniors in my department went on to work in the game and anime industry, it seemed only natural for me to also consider a career in the game industry. The only thing was, I wasn't much of a gamer. Also, I didn't have too many pieces in my portfolio that were inspired by games.
Plenty of companies in the game industry look out for game-style art pieces in portfolios or consider what value a candidate can offer from a gaming front during interviews, but I felt SEGA was able to look past that and see the value in everything else I'd accomplished. I'll never forget the message I received after joining the company. It read something along the lines of, "We hope you continue to do the things you love outside of gaming!"
I had no expertise in 3D computer graphics, and only had oil paintings and 2D digital illustrations in my portfolio.
Despite that, SEGA saw the value I offered and took the time to assess me based on my hobbies and personal achievements. I had faith that this would be a place where I could fully apply myself.

Seeing my designs released in such short time frames gives me a sense of satisfaction

I design and create 3D models of weapons based on the demons in the mobile game "Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2". I try to incorporate elements from the demon's original design so that players can immediately recognize which demon it's inspired by.
I initially had zero experience designing weapons, but my seniors give me detailed feedback every time, so I've come to enjoy working on them despite the challenges. I think a keen eye for detail and artistic ability is a must, not just for 3D computer graphics, but also for art in general, so I find that my experience with oil painting and art has been beneficial in this regard.

What sets mobile games apart from console games is the speed at which they get released. Getting to see my designs released in a relatively short time is really motivating.

The atmosphere at work is very calm and relaxing. I once went to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno with my seniors and colleagues. We took our time with each exhibit, and I thought to myself, "This is exactly how an artist ought to spend their weekend." "Megami Tensei" draws inspiration from mythology and history, so I try to expand my knowledge in those areas by visiting museums and reading books. I personally enjoy learning about mythology and history, so it's great to be able to blend my interests into my work.

Even with no prior CG experience, SEGA's extensive training will teach you what you need to know!

As a prominent company, SEGA has a top-notch training program for new employees. Even someone like me, who had never worked with CG, was able to master the basics of designing models, animations, effects, and UI by the end of the training.
When I officially joined my team and began work, one of the senior staff members was assigned to be my mentor. Under their support and tutelage, I went from having no experience to being capable of creating models for release.

In addition to my own work as an artist, I also get to experiment with creating UI and effects. My work primarily revolves around creating designs and models. The animation and effects are added to the model after it's been integrated into the game. So getting the opportunity to experiment outside my core duties opens up whole new perspectives for me. When I'm creating models, I ponder what kind of model would allow the effects and animation to really shine, or what would be easier to work with after I hand it off to the next person.

In the future, I'd love to help create designs for a new title from the very start. It would bring me great joy to deliver an unforgettable experience to our users through the design of the characters and their accessories.
The atmosphere here encourages us to try new things. SEGA even gives new employees a chance to be involved in new titles. When my chance finally arrives, I'll shoot my hand straight up in the air.

*This interview was conducted during the first year of employment.


10:00 AM Work day starts with me checking my tasks for the day before I begin working on my designs.

11:00 AM I have a one-on-one weekly meeting with my mentor where I can bring up any concerns that I have.

11:30 AM 3D Design Team meeting to share what we're working on and what seminars we've taken.

12:30 PM Break for lunch. I work from home so I eat lunch while chatting on the phone with my mentor or colleagues.

1:30 PM Work on designing models for weapons.

6:00 PM Attend a weekly lecture on Maya taught by senior employees.

7:00 PM Work day finishes. I draw illustrations for fun or try to create characters using the techniques I learned at work.