Junior Employee Interviews

Regular Position Inoue

Reliable senior colleagues who help me flourish

When I was a university student, I was able to make use of my school's study abroad program and get a degree from both an American and a Japanese university. I received an offer to work at SEGA when I attended a job fair for Japanese companies while a student in America.
Several executives were in attendance there, and I had the chance to speak with them. What impressed me was that even though I had dyed my hair blonde at the time and had a beard, they assessed me based on the substance of my words, instead of how I looked. However, what struck a chord with me was that even after I had gotten the job offer, the executives at SEGA recommended that I see what the companies had to offer before deciding. That was the deciding factor in accepting their offer. I knew I wanted to be a part of a company where I could work under individuals who embraced such progressive thinking.
After I was hired, I was placed in the Japan Asia Local Promotion Team. When the opportunity arose to use my language skills, my colleagues asked if I wanted to give it a try—even though it had only been my first year in the company. The senior members of my team constantly emphasize the importance of trying new things, even if there's a chance of failure. This mindset has given me the confidence to take on new challenges without the fear of messing up.

The joy of witnessing the reactions of our Asian users firsthand

The Japan Asia Local Promotion Team is responsible for the marketing and promotion of our content in countries within the Asia region, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Each person is assigned to a different title, and we work in tandem with local corporate groups, agents, and many other departments within SEGA.
In our efforts to promote our gaming properties in Asia, we are constantly exploring new ways to expand our audience in the region. We provide local language versions of promotional videos and websites, implement social media campaigns for each territory, and create videos with influencers as well.

We have a wide range of duties, and it's important for us to get directly involved with our fans, which can be challenging at times. However, being able to witness the response to our social media campaigns in real-time is what makes our work at the Japan Asia Local Promotion Team so exciting. Personally, I feel a great sense of purpose when I see our users responding positively to the marketing strategies we implement.

Leading the charge in bringing SEGA's flagship titles to fans across Asia

One of the things that makes working for SEGA great is its corporate culture, where employees are rewarded for having skills that contribute to the team, rather than just being based on tenure. In addition, I feel that SEGA offers a comfortable work environment and genuinely cares about its staff members. Besides the robust benefits package it offers, SEGA was quick to implement work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As we strive to bring SEGA's games to a growing audience in Asia, a significant portion of our efforts involves a process of trial and error.
My goal is to one day work with one of SEGA's flagship titles and become someone who can spearhead its distribution across Asia.

My work isn't always easy. There are times where I need to communicate closely with different regions and departments, and there are times where I have to juggle several different tasks simultaneously. However, whenever I reach one of my goals, I'm left with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. If you're looking for a place where you can demonstrate what you can do and have a strong desire to contribute to the team as a whole, I encourage you to apply to us. I believe you'll find no better fit than SEGA, but do have a look at what other companies have to offer first.

*This interview was conducted during the first year of employment.


10:00 AM Arrive at the office, check my emails, and confirm my schedule for the day.

11:00 AM Prepare materials for our afternoon meeting.

12:30 PM Break for lunch. (Depending on the day's task, I may shift this earlier or later in the day.)

1:30 PM Adjust schedule after communicating with the team members responsible for each region and the other departments.

2:00 PM Meeting regarding our assigned titles.

3:00 PM Regular department meeting where we provide updates about the titles we've been assigned to.

4:00 PM Share schedule and courses of action with all relevant parties.

6:00 PM Play game to record footage for use in our Asia region promotional materials.

7:00 PM Work day ends.