Senior Employee Interviews

Game Designer Amusement Games
Game Designer

Please tell us what you have done so far and what you are doing now.

In the projects I have worked on in the past, I was mainly in charge of creating game specifications, checking implementation, creating enemy placement data, adjusting game difficulty, and related tasks. Now, as the lead game designer, I consult with each section leader and focus on setting and adjusting development schedules, managing the tasks and progress schedules of my game designers, and creating and adjusting operation schedules. Although I now spend less time working directly on content such as creating game specifications, this is also work that I want to do, so I make as much time as possible to do it.

What do you find enjoyable or rewarding about your work?

I think arcade games are the only type of games that allow you to actually see people playing what you've developed. I am very happy to see players smiling when they play our games. And with arcade games, the satisfaction of trying it, that element that makes you want to play again, that thing that makes you want to come to the arcade yet again the next day, these are all very important, so I try to pay attention to the small details. When I see players who are enthusiastic about these things playing my games, I feel that I made the right choice with this job.

What are your dreams, ambitions and future goals at the SEGA Group?

I have always loved trading card games (TCG), and I still play them often. When I joined the company, arcade TCGs were just getting started, but now they have become a standard genre of arcade games. In the future, my greatest goal is to create new genres by exploring new forms of arcade games not bound by conventional frameworks. I want to include elements of my favorite card games in these new ones.

What does the SEGA workplace feel like?

There are many people here who love games and anime, so it's normally a friendly atmosphere, and people are always talking about their favorite part of a certain anime, or a part that could be better in a certain game. Development schedules can be tight, and it gets a little hectic sometimes, but we all want to work together to make interesting games that surprise the players. That cornerstone stays the same, and I never fail to be surprised by the incredible strength we have as we to come together as a team and work towards our goal.

Do you have any advice for students?

If you have something you want to make or want to do, whether it's a game or something related to games, then SEGA has the people you need to do that, and a strong environment to provide support, so your ideas can become reality. Arcade games really feel like a live event. And these days you can find excitement in person at competitions and other events. Come find what you want to use your strengths to achieve and create exciting experiences with us!