Senior Employee Interviews

Buisiness PC Online
Executive Director
Creative Officer

If it's not fun, it's not a game!

This business division develops businesses centered around the Internet, such as online PC games and smartphone apps. These include major games such as "Phantasy Star Online 2" and "Yakyu Tsuku!!", as well as games for the PlayStation Vita and PS4. In addition, we develop two new titles a year, and are considering expansion overseas. As a division, our distinct feature is that development, operation, and marketing teams all work together so we can make decisions quicker during the development process.
Online games that can be played for free must be easy to understand and get into. I thoroughly analyze user trends to find out how I can get players to play more, and I aim to create exciting games that go beyond the expectations and imaginations of users.

Our corporate culture fully supports its creators.

I regularly solicit plans for new projects and add people who proposed plans with great potential as project members. I think everyone, whether they are a programmer or an artist, wants to make the game in their head a reality. As an organization, we are happy to support these aspirations.

I want you to be the driving force to create the next generation of SEGA.

SEGA Group doesn't only develop console and arcade games, it operates theme parks and animation companies. If we create a great intellectual property, we can then implement it across various mediums, creating opportunities for new business models. If you have the faith to take on new challenges and work tenaciously, then I want you to use that spirit in this field, and become the driving force to create the next generation of SEGA.