Senior Employee Interviews

Sound Amusement Games

Please tell us what you have done so far and what you are doing now.

After joining the company, I was in charge of several arcade games for children. I then provided assistance for console titles for about a year and a half. Next, I was involved in the launch of the arcade music game "Chunithm." I have gradually come to be responsible for a wider range of work and now I'm in charge of sound production for three arcade music games. I handle work spanning sound production, such as background music, sound effects, and voice data production, as well as the direction of dialogue recording and vocal/instrumental music recording, sound source production for promotional videos, management of sound production schedules as the lead on various titles and management of the work of our team members.

What do you find enjoyable or rewarding about your work?

I am very happy when players enjoy sound that I designed. With arcade games, you can see reactions of the players firsthand. That makes a deep impression on me and motivates me to work harder. When I'm developing a new title as part of my work and add sound where there previously wasn't any, it brings life to that world. I love it when my team members hear that change and say "Woah!" in reaction to my work.

What are your dreams, ambitions and future goals at the SEGA Group?

SEGA games have long been highly renowned for their sound design, and we have many fans in Japan and abroad. I think that this is the result of senior employees taking game sound seriously and working hard to deliver a better gaming experience. I want to do more research on game sound, and make more people truly impressed by the sound of SEGA games. I also want to deliver more inspiring experiences, not only to people who already love games, but to new gamers in a wide range of age groups from children to the elderly.

What does the SEGA workplace feel like?

I feel that my fellow team members are friendly and that we have a welcoming atmosphere in the office. The room for the Sound Section is usually quiet because everyone works with their headphones on, so I get surprised when people from other sections come in, but it's very comfortable working here. When I go to other development floors, I meet other people who love games, and we're always talking enthusiastically about games.

Do you have any advice for students?

The greatest parts of arcade game development are that I get to see players play our games firsthand, and that we provide the complete player experience, including the game cabinet. This means I design every sound that players experience, by not only composing songs, but also timing the use of sound effects and deciding how the speakers sound. This work is more fun than anything else I can imagine. Come join us to deliver amazing experiences to an ever greater range of players!