Senior Employee Interviews

Programmer Amusement Games
Game Function Development

Please tell us what you have done so far and what you are doing now.

Since joining the company, I have been in charge of game implementation. This covers a wide variety of work, such as control of characters and objects, elements of battle scenes, production of visual effects, production of tools, maintenance, and setting policies for titles currently in operation. Arcade game programmers have a wide range of responsibilities, so I've gained experience doing a lot of different things.

What do you find enjoyable or rewarding about your work?

For example, something arcade games have in common with other game genres is that we can see people getting excited about sharing in-game achievements and strategies on social media, but something unique about arcade games is that you can actually see players with the games you have made. There's no single right answer to what makes games interesting, so there's good reason to innovate, and I find this part of my work very rewarding. It is the programmers who make games, so anything is possible if the programmer can devise a way to do it, and I find it very rewarding when I make a big difference to the final quality of a game by implementing my ideas.

What are your dreams, ambitions and future goals at the SEGA Group?

I would like to be involved in game production using new and unique devices. When I was a student, I researched and developed VR using a head-mounted display. I am interested in crafting new games that use new devices to garner the interest of players, so my ambition is to put a new product on the market and make it a hit.

What does the SEGA workplace feel like?

It's not an exaggeration to say that there's plenty of laughter at work, and everyone gets along well. But when we are busy or when there is an emergency, we come together as a team to work briskly, so we are also serious about doing our jobs well.

Do you have any advice for students?

SEGA is one of the few companies that can release games on multiple platforms. Come and use the SEGA arsenal to make our core amusement games even more exciting. When you see players excitedly playing the game you made, you'll feel a wave of emotion beyond measure! I hope I can share this moving experience with you!