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Game Designer

The thrill of shaping your ideals through a contest of ideas.

SEGA is currently involved in the planning and development of official games for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which we have acquired an exclusive license for. Under the lead game designer, I am in charge of all processes from planning documents for the Tokyo Olympics to the creation of athletic event specifications after the project starts, progress management during production and, of course, debugging. I consider how to make the game more fun, keeping the overarching concept of the game in mind all the while. For example, this includes how to incorporate events I am in charge of into the game, how to express the appeal of each event in-game while getting the players to feel this too, all the while considering the position of the player who actually plays the game.

Shaping my own ideals.

The best part of being a game designer is the ability to give shape to my own ideals from a position similar to a director, while working with artists, 3D modelers, animators, programmers, sound staff, and other creators involved in production.
When people in the development team give me feedback saying the game is “fun” or “interesting”, it motivates me as a game designer. It makes me want to make the game even more entertaining, and motivates me to set my sights even higher.

Someday I would like to create a successful franchise that surpasses the Sonic series and even the Yakuza series!

Day to day communication is indispensable to working smoothly as a team on a limited budget and schedule. Our work is all about the final results. If someone on the team hasn't reached real quality, sometimes I have to give some harsh criticism. When a game is finally released after a long process of trial and error, I really feel a great sense of accomplishment, because I get to hear the voices of customers saying "I bought your game for my kid's birthday present!" or I can see overseas players streaming the game live.
At SEGA, we have a group of people who want to make games more fun and take on the challenge of developing new potential in games. We work hard every day to go beyond the boundaries of each project and refine our skills. My goal is to someday launch an original project that surpasses the Sonic series and even the Yakuza series!


10:00 AM Work starts. First, I check the progress of tasks and projects for the day. Next I check my email and prepare materials for meetings with people overseas that my boss has requested.

11:00 AM I create specifications for the part of the project I am in charge of. I check the implementation status and modify existing specifications based on content that needs to be improved and functions we have added.

12:30 PM Lunch break. Sometimes I buy a box lunch outside the company and eat at my desk.

1:30 PM Progress management. I check the progress status and schedule of the project with the programmers and artists in charge. We discuss the right direction to make the game more fun and check the materials necessary for improving its quality.

2:30 PM Next is making specifications. I continue to create specifications that I started in the morning, check the operation of athletic events that have been implemented, and make adjustments. If I have a meeting planned for the next day, I also create materials for that.

7:00 PM Work ends. After going home, I play some games, or watch movies to check the latest trends. Sometimes I go out for a drink with my team members.