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Designing enchanting characters that enrich the world's vibrant landscape

I'm a 3D artist who creates character models for "Chain Chronicle". Previously, I worked as a 3D artist for a game developer. I joined SEGA on a part-time basis, working on arcade games. After building a strong foundation of experience in that particular domain, I eventually made the move to mobile gaming.

My role primarily consists of creating character models from the finalized images that we receive from our illustrators. The images are made using eight-head proportions, and it's my job to convert them into two-head-proportion character models. First, I create the model in Maya, then import it into Unity. Transforming two-dimensional images requires a delicate touch, so I approach it with utmost care. Much of my daily routine revolves around pondering how best to make each character stand out while incorporating them into the world of "Chain Chronicle".

Given that "Chain Chronicle" is a mobile game, our users typically first lay eyes upon these characters in gacha form. As a 3D artist, my job is to make them so irresistibly adorable that fans that fans will want to obtain them. I'm filled with joy whenever I see fans reacting positively to them over social media. From time to time, the illustrators also send me their appreciation for making such cute renditions of their work, which is always a big motivator.

Shorter work hours and a supportive team

SEGA has an incredible benefits package. I'm currently working shorter hours since I have a little wee one to take care of. My regular hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so I work two hours less than usual. I'm also unable to work any overtime hours, as I need to pick up my kid after work. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed from work, I'm grateful for the support and understanding of my coworkers. There are many others who work at SEGA while raising a family. Even some of my male team members have taken paternity leave.

SEGA also has its own in-house daycare which accepts children up to the third grade of elementary school. Shortened work hours are also permitted until then as well. I genuinely feel that my team members and the company have my best interests in mind.

There is a collective drive at SEGA to create enjoyable games together. Artists are encouraged to voice their opinions, and every team member is given a chance to speak their mind. The company has established a culture that values the input of all team members, regardless of seniority. SEGA encourages their staff to take on new challenges, so I'd love to gain some experience working on console titles.

A diverse array of prospects to bring out your full potential

I firmly believe that SEGA provides ample opportunities to challenge yourself. It's an ideal place for ambitious people who want to create fun video games, try out new things, or improve themselves.
I joined SEGA as a 3D background artist originally. But in my time here, I've gained extensive experience designing characters and have been actively contributing to the UI. I made it a priority to learn and develop new skills by immersing myself in every title I worked on.

Having successfully transitioned from arcade games to mobile games, I believe SEGA is an ideal place for individuals seeking to gain diverse experience. In addition to honing my technical skills, I have also acquired a wealth of experience in areas such as training new staff and managing purchase orders with our vendors.

If you're someone with a wide range of interests, and like visiting museums, seeing movies, watching anime, or going to musicals, you'll be a perfect fit here. Let's make fun video games together!


9:00 AM (Flexible Start Initiative) Work day begins via remote. I check my emails and list up my tasks for the day before starting work on my models.

10:30 AM Morning meeting with the team: We share our progress and go over the agenda for the day, sharing any relevant info.

11:30 AM Work on modeling.

12:30 PM Break for lunch.

1:30 PM Department-wide meeting: A great opportunity to share any important details.

2:30 PM Continue modeling.

4:00 PM Work day ends. I stop by the daycare to pick up my kid.