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Develop games for the whole world!

One of the SEGA Group Values is "creation is life." We have a long history in the field of console games and have produced many highly original games since we originally entered the market as a hardware manufacturer. Online game distribution may be the norm today, but it's an area where we were an industry innovator; distributing games over the Internet with the Mega Drive in the 90s and later launching the Dreamcast - the first home console to come with a modem. I hope I can learn lessons from cases where we could not capitalize on these innovations as a business because we were too far ahead of the times, but never forget the spirit of taking on new challenges. This DNA is still alive and well in the company.

I want to promote Japanese culture worldwide.

Recently, games released in Japan have been localized and culturized for sale overseas (in Asia, North America, and Europe) where they have been received well.
We have our main development studios in Japan and cherish our unique Japanese worldview, so we can focus on delivering Japanese culture to the world.
In addition, we have development studios overseas, creating an environment that allows us to deliver directly to overseas markets.

As a creator, there are fields where we can go multi-platform.

We will continue to grow in the future so that we can strengthen our lineup and I have great expectations for anyone who has both a vision they want to realize for that purpose and the ability to communicate it.
Our company develops console, mobile, and online PC games, as well as arcade games. Our group companies also include animation production companies so, as a creator, it's possible to comprehensively realize your vision.
After working as a project team member, I hope that as a producer and game director, you can eventually build new business models to help pioneer a new era for SEGA.