Senior Employee Interviews

Buisiness Mobile Titles

The joy of having people around the world experience the games you make.

I am in charge of developing game apps for smartphones. In particular, I'm involved in developing mobile games for global release. Releasing games simultaneously worldwide across 150 countries has become common in the mobile game industry and is a goal we too are working towards. Through trial and error, I am also working out how our Japanese-developed games can better appeal to players in markets such as Asia and Europe.
I'm especially focused on language localization. When a customer thinks "that word sounds off," it pulls them out of their immersion in the game. It's also important for us to deliver high-quality games that still retain their original setting and style by doing localization with consideration for dialogue and expressions that match the character's personality in each language. This goes beyond the words themselves, because the network environment varies in each country or region, so we conduct tests over and over again until we achieve the same performance as in Japan. We always strive to deliver games that will win the hearts of our customers.
As a game creator myself, I want even more players to experience our games. I feel that a major advantage for SEGA is our environment, where we can create games that people around the world will play.

You can advance your career by working with highly skilled coworkers.

There are a lot of great things about working at our company, but two are particularly important.
One is working with experienced team members. Games are made by large teams of people, so the combined strength of the team members is important. We have many talented team members working at SEGA. It's really a great part of working here that you can advance your career by working with skilled coworkers.
Team members have experience making all sorts of games, including arcade games, console games, online games and more. This naturally contributes to higher quality output and we all help to boost each other. Our strength really lies in having worked on games for so long.

Another great part of working at SEGA is the development environment. We recently moved into a new office and it's a very comfortable work environment. SEGA is particularly committed to investing in hardware, software and infrastructure so as to raise the efficiency of development. Being able to work in a better environment is of utmost importance to creative professionals.

We want people who love games, have communication skills and can get absorbed in something.

First and foremost, SEGA wants people who love games. People who love games show this love in their output and take a different approach to work.
Then, of course, there are communication skills. To put it another way, this means the ability to understand, in particular the ability to understand what people want. The ability to express yourself comes second. That is to say, the ability to correctly convey your own thoughts. These skills are essential to working as a team.
Finally, there is the ability to become fully absorbed in something. I believe that people who have the experience and character to become absorbed in something can create a similar experience for others.

If you have these traits, the quality of our games will improve and the interesting parts will be even more interesting.
We work on games every day with the idea of ​​"creating games that customers can enjoy and providing them to the world." This era of change and evolution is sure to continue for many years to come. I am looking for new team members who will enjoy these changes as we work together to make games for the world.