Senior Employee Interviews

Buisiness Mobile Titles

The determination to see my job through.

Currently, I am in charge of marketing new smartphone titles. From the planning stage all the way to release, I handle the creation of marketing strategies and concepts, developing and managing advertising budgets according to revenue and expenditure plans, and the creation of promotion plans. Most promotional work is done by a team. Within the team of five or six, there are members in charge of marketing strategy and promotion implementation management, promotions, public relations, digital marketing, and social media outreach, and I act as the leader of that team.

One thing I always keep in mind when I'm doing my job is to finish something once I've started it. For example, when I was working on a promotion to celebrate the birthdays of the characters in a game, it was a highly detailed plan, but I did not stop and continued until I had all of the characters finished. Often this kind of promotional plan fizzles out before it's even finished, but doing so can cause players to lose interest. To keep this from happening, I work on projects with the intent to see them all the way through to the end, such as by including content that will make the players as happy as possible within our planned budget, even including measures to bring in new players and holding real-life events. I also research other companies' advertising strategies, check up on various media, try to incorporate any promotions that I like, and keep ahead of the trends related to the projects I am involved in. In order to undertake new challenges, I sometimes have dinner and exchange information with people in related industries as well as others. I also participate in seminars and study independently.

The most rewarding sight to me is delight on the player's face.

I find it really gratifying and rewarding when I can see the happy faces of players who actually play the games I've been involved in. I'm also really happy whenever titles that I have worked on since joining the company are released. Initially, for example, a game which had originally been slated for release in the fall didn't go as planned, and its release was delayed. This meant we were forced to keep players waiting, so I reworked the promotion plan to make sure it would live up to their expectations, and kept them excited for it. When the game was finally released, I felt a wave of relief, and a great sense of reward in having seen it through to the end.

I'm a mid-career hire and have worked in a variety of workplaces and occupations before joining SEGA, but I think SEGA has an environment where I can apply everything I have learned throughout my career. My goal was to do marketing work, and my work includes budget management. It's really a lot of fun to think about what I can do in that context. It's also interesting to think about various methods for promotion that create new titles not only as games but as a framework for something bigger. My goal for the future is to make a title that I came up with become a big hit. I want to create marketing and promotion methods that other companies have not yet worked on. I want to go beyond making my title a hit, and make an impact on the industry as a whole. If I have an opportunity to do marketing overseas, I definitely want to try it.

Come and demonstrate your talent in the promised land of SEGA.

SEGA has introduced a flextime system, which allows for flexible working styles. You can adjust the hours you work during the day, so you can change the rhythm of your work by going home early or coming to work early in the morning. It's also easy to take paid leave if you aren't especially busy, so you can enjoy your hobbies.
Most importantly, SEGA has an environment that gives you the chance to think about various new projects. There is nothing as fulfilling as thinking up a new plan and achieving results on your own. If you have a unique sense that is all your own and can offer new ideas that no one else can think of, then you should join our company. SEGA will not disappoint you.


10:30 AM I go to the office and check email.

11:00 AM I process the previous day's work, attend meetings, and make planning documents.

12:00 PM Lunch break.

1:00 PM I go out for meetings.

4:00 PM I come back to the company and make proposals and other materials.

7:30 PM Work ends.