Senior Employee Interviews

Artist PC Online
Background Modeler

I pursue realism with my own expression and commitment.

I am in charge of background modeling for "Phantasy Star Online 2." I do modeling based on the setting of the game. However, unlike character designs, which have clear, detailed design documents, backgrounds are based on a rough concept or theme, and the details are left up to the background modeler. I pursue realism first by searching for reference materials, and then by expanding on ideas for the environment, landscape, and life within the world of the game. While the job is difficult, it is also very interesting because I can express myself in my own way.
For example, when I want to put plants in the background, I actually visit a botanical garden and take pictures, then use them as reference for the background. I need to see the real thing and get sense of its scale and texture in order to achieve realism. It's really rewarding when I'm able create a realistic background with attention to the details.
I'm really happy when I see people expressing their surprise and joy on social media about how realistic we make games, like when they notice something I made in such detail that I never expected anyone to notice. There are many players who look closely at the background and I think that the dedication of the background modeler goes a long way towards more people becoming fans of the game. That's why I always pursue an even higher quality of artistic expression within the time I have.

We aim to make a better game as a team.

I joined SEGA as a mid-career hire in 2017. The first thing I noticed when I joined the company was that people actively communicate and everyone really wants to make good games. I was worried that a big company like SEGA had so many people working on projects and that everyone would just work their own separate tasks like any old job, but that wasn't the case. Teams members including the game directors, game designers and artists frequently discuss a range of topics, and they all work together to create good games.
When I asked senior employees, they said that the company has long had the sort of atmosphere conducive to making good products. Especially since our offices relocated to Osaki, facilities such as meeting booths have been improved, and communication is even better than before.

There are also a lot of small-scale planning meetings and study sessions aside from the tasks we are in charge of, and in this environment anyone can easily participate and grow as a professional, so I feel encourage to participate too.

I want to build new worlds, starting from the planning stages of new games.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved drawing and playing games. I was entranced by the beauty of the backgrounds drawn in games, so I decided to do this job. After working in video-related jobs and a game production company, I joined SEGA as a mid-career hire.
Immediately after joining SEGA, I got involved in "Phantasy Star Online 2." SEGA really puts an emphasis on motivation which in turn motivates me. My future goal is to continue working on a variety of games, build up my career, and get involved in launching new games from the planning stage. I want to build original and appealing worlds and create a world from scratch that players want to actually visit.

SEGA is a positive and challenging environment where everyone can make better games. It is also the type of place where you can make revolutionary content that will amaze people all over the world. If you have a strong interest in game production, I look forward to you joining the company. Let's make better games together.


10:00 AM I arrive at the office, check email and check data from other teams.

10:30 AM Art work.

11:00 AM Meeting with project team members.

12:00 PM Lunch with colleagues in the company cafeteria.

1:30 PM Background modeler group meeting. (Report progress, problems, etc.)

3:00 PM Guidance for new members.

3:30 PM Art work.

7:00 PM Work ends.