Senior Employee Interviews

Programmer Console Titles
CG Engineer

Pride underpins game development. I create environments where artists can concentrate on their work by developing plug-ins.

My team develops facial graphics for the Yakuza series and I mainly develop scripts and plug-ins in order to streamline the work of the artists. I'm also involved in technical development related to facial capture shooting, post processing, and other things necessary to create natural facial expressions for characters so that players can better empathize with them. I also implement any program settings that result from this, as well as automation.
CG engineers tend to work behind the scenes. We develop environments in which artists can concentrate on their work, and perform tasks that are vital to game development. Every time a project ends, I find it rewarding to be able to take on new challenges, such as implementing automation and improving workflows in order to maximize productivity.

There is no limit to improving efficiency.

If I can improve the efficiency of work even a little every year, it results in incredible efficiency improvements over the next few years, and I want to cherish that steady process. I really feel my work is useful when I show a new tool to other teams inside the company and people tell me "I've never seen something this great before!" or "This will make my work so much more productive!"

I want to try making new game development techniques only possible from the perspective of a CG engineer.

I might be able to create tools the likes of which have never existed before by changing my perspective and applying not only cutting-edge technology such as deep learning and AI, but older technology as well. I want to explore new game development methods with ideas unique to a CG engineer who has both programming knowledge and experience as an artist.


10:00 AM Work starts. First I check my email and organize my tasks for the day.

10:30 AM Meetings. I check data created automatically in the middle of the night, prepare the data for distribution to artists, and hold a meeting within my team.

12:30 PM Lunch break. Different box lunch vendors come to our office every day, so I choose which one to eat depending on my mood. They're all delicious and there's a lot of variety.

1:30 PM Data distribution and creation of check data. I distribute data to the artists, check progress on completed data, and create a video in a distributed environment so I can check data created by artists.

3:30 PM I monitor automation and distributed servers. I monitor workflow automation and distributed processing servers on a regular basis to ensure they are operating efficiently and without issues.

4:30 PM I do data verification and prepare for the following day's work. I select and prepare parameters for automated script algorithm validation and testing and late night simulation tasks.

7:00 PM I start a late night simulation then go home. Sometimes I go for a drink with my team. Other times I go to a bookstore, or research new technology at home, or relax and play games.